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Liberec townhall

One of the most beautiful buldings in Liberec built in the neo-renaissance style between 1888 - 1893. The townhall supposingly resembles the Wiena cityhall as it was designed by the the world famous architect Franz Richter von Neumann. The townhall with its tower 65 metres heigh is the second highest building in Liberec.




North-Bohemian Museum

The museum was founded in 1873,  it belongs among the largest museums in the Czech Republic and also among the oldest. There are several lines of display, life sciences, photography, archeology, history of Liberec region from the 12th century and a few others.




Theatre F.X.Šaldy

The present theathre building was designed by  famous wiena architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer. The theather has 3 stages - drama, opera and ballet. An essential part of the theatre is also the "Small theatre".




Museum of european art Liberec

The Regional Art Gallery in Liberec - a museum of arts presents large art collections and offers visitors three permanent exhibitions of European and Czech art. There are regular short-term exhibitions together with exhibitions in the graphic cabinet.





Liberec ZOO

The ZOO Liberec is the oldest ZOO in the Czech Republic  It was founded in 1919. The zoo features more than 170 species with an overall number of 1000 individuals. More than 500 animals are registered in different European conservation programmes as EEP, ESB and RDB.  It is also famous for its rare white bengal tigers. 




Botanical garden

The construction of the botanical garden in Liberec began in 1893 and it was completed in 1895. It is the oldest in the Czech Republic. There are thirteen different botanical themes presented in its 9 pavilions.





Mount and hotel Ještěd

The natural dominant of the Liberec region with its height of 1012 meters above sea level together with the unique architecture of the hotel build on its top is undoubtedly a must for every visitor of the area. e a uvolnění. The hotel with its tower has a shape of a rotating hyperboloid.

The Bozkov Dolomite Caves

The Bozkov dolomite caves are not very deep under the surface and create and amazing labyrinth of underground corridors and cavities over 1100 meters long. For public there is about 350 meters of this labyrinth open. The caves and their surroundings have been registred as a protected area conditioned by the nature and landscape protection law since 1999. 

Viewtowers in the Jizera Mountains

There are several view towers scatered over the Jizera Mountains. They will be an ideal place to go to by bicycle, cross-country skis or just on foot. You will be rewarded by fabulous views into the countryside.   

Frýdštejn Castle ruin

One of the most interesting and popular ruins in the region. The ruin is located on sandstone rock. The former castle was built in gothic style, today you can see the remains of the castle, cellars, and the tower.

Chateau Hrubá Skála

The renaissance chateau was buit on the sandstone rocks on the place of a mediaval castle from 14th century.

State Chateau Frýdlant v Čechách

The complex of the chateau is formed by a medieval castle and renaissance chateau. The chateau was opened to public already in 1801 and it is one of the oldest public accessible chateaus in central Europe.

State chateau SYCHROV

A baroque style chateu built between 1690 – 1693. It was rebilt in roman Neogothic style in 19th century.

TROSKY castle ruin

The ruins of the castle have become another typical landmark of Liberec region. It has got two significant towers.




"Thank you, we come back"

France national volleyball team


Czech Republic men`s national volleyball team in Břízky

During summer season 2015 uses more of sports national teams Hotel****Břízky and sport aerial for a summer training camp.


Summer began tropical heat. Where has everyone gone ? On dam in Jablonec !

Many possibilities for sports and recreational activities in the next two months, ideally offers Jablonec Reservoir Mšeno and Hotel Břízky ****. Sandy and grassy beach, food stalls, restaurants, beach-volleyball courts, inline skating, biking and walking trails .... all within reach peaceful destination accommodations in our comfortable **** hotel.


June 2015: series of seminars the famous Czech carmaker ŠKODA AUTO

In the long term the most important and most successful Czech company, organized in our accommodation / conference and restaurant premises during June 2015, several seminars for its employees. For all staff it is a great honor and an even greater responsibility. We believe that we will continue this cooperation in the future.    

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