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Information on cookie files

The Internet presentation brizky.cz stores cookie files, which help it to work correctly.
By using our services you agree to their use.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files saved in your computer. They are saved by the Internet browser at the request of the individual websites you view. The websites may retrospectively request the content of the file. Based on this, they‘ll identify which pages you have previously visited, whether you have anything in the shopping basket or whether you’re logged in. Cookies are necessary for the correct operation of the majority of rather extensive sites on the Internet.

What types of files we use

Cookie files in an internet presentation can be regarded by the period of validity, or by purpose.


  • Short-term cookies – are valid for the time of your visit and several minutes after you leave ka.info pages they cease to be valid. They assist the basic functions of the booking system.
  • Long-term cookies – are valid for up to several months. They facilitate setting a shop; when you come back, they help with the logging in or with reminding the offers available on other sites in advertising spaces.


  • Key (functional) cookies – a shop won’t work correctly without them. For example, the contents of your shopping basket may disappear or it won’t be possible to stay logged in.
  • Analytical – they allow monitoring the visitor rate of a website and utilising various features. Based on them, we try to improve our presentation so that users are more satisfied with it.
  • Tracking and remarketing cookies – they help us optimise our offer for customers and approach them on the advertising spaces on other websites.
  • Conversion cookies – they are used to evaluate how an advertisement works and various paths through which users get onto our website.

Disabling the storage of cookies

Standard Internet browsers allow disabling work with cookies in their settings. Have a look at the help section in your browser and proceed according to the instructions given there. Remember that the comfort of using our presentation may decrease significantly with disabled cookies.


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